The newly constructed mixed-use housing facility aims to form an urban structure by harmonizing with the surroundings of the target site. Accordingly, this project was planned as considering the scale of existing buildings, but it was designed to promote differentiation through modern images. Habitability can be maximized with flexible and structured residential units, rooftop gardens, open spaces of small terraces, and balconies. Besides, this facility seeks a sustainable and economical construction process considering reinforced concrete techniques. Meanwhile, the mass design reflected the historical context of the region by dividing it into three masses, such as the building opposite of the target site. This mixed-use housing facility, separated but connected as a single form, presents a diverse but harmonious skyline by different building heights and void areas. It is substantiated as a modern image to match with the elegant atmosphere of urban context through three masses, vertical and horizontal façade design, loggia space, and exterior finish. Consequently, it will contribute to an attractive urban silhouette. Plus, the ground floor of this mixed-use housing facility was planned to be 4m high for commercial and studio programs. All other floors are 3m high for residential space. Each residential unit was designed for households with 3-5 members, and the interior space can be changed flexibly depends on each circumstance. Internal connections through the corridor will promote interior and external relationships with loggias and terraces. The optimal quality and economic feasibility were comprehensively considered as much as possible by placing residential spaces in the southern direction, at the same time, adjusting diverse residential types.

Year: 2021

Type: Planning Magazine

Publisher: CAPress I Concept No.269

Project: Invited Competition for Ehemaliges Karlstadt Areal

Client: City of Ruesselsheim, Germany

Team: BAEK Architekten


On the western edge of the Vaihingen campus, an identity-creating building complex is being built that will represent a new student residence.


The current suburban development along Esslinger street and Heidenheimer street will not be deprived of its unique location in the course of the design.



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