On the western edge of the Vaihingen campus, an identity-creating building complex is being built that will represent a new student residence. The design pursues the goal of creating an innovative and future-oriented student living space that follows the core ideas of the optimal urban and open space integrated into the surroundings, the creation of a functional and architectural added value, as well as the fulfilment of energetic and sustainable construction. The open-shaped form and its design show the character of the building. The natural slope is drawn around and into the building complex, at the same time, natural-organic planting is accentuated by a few grass seating steps and linear hedges. These will be the background of a new identity-forming for the young residents.

The architectural design concept is derived from the stacking of small volumes, which can be traced back to the striking topography. These mark out the individual residential communities, react optimally to the surrounding, small-scale development through the numerous projections and recesses, and accommodate green space in the building. Accordingly, the student residence is planned to provide a place of community and communication for student life. New approaches to urban gardening will be provided. The green environment is brought into the building in the form of large openings, numerous terraces and roof gardens. This will create attractive places of communal use that are essential to student life.

Year: 2021

Type: Planning Magazine

Publisher: CAPress I Concept No.266

Project: New Hall of Residence International Design Competition

Client: University of Stuttgart, Germany

Team: BAEK Architekten + SAC International


The newly constructed mixed-use housing facility aims to form an urban structure by harmonising with the surround-ings of the target site.


The current suburban development along Esslinger street and Heidenheimer street will not be deprived of its unique location in the course of the design.



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