This Korea-German Architectural Exchange International Architectural Workshop 2021 is designed to approach new perspectives and ideas on underdeveloped areas near Daejeon Station so that it provides urban architectural measures to restore functional, physical, psychological and local values for this area. Suggesting the new vision for sustainable development in Daejeon is the main goal of this workshop, which will be presented as a variety of plans with the theme of Urban Complex +.

The target area is 6.5 ha around Jeong dong 2-1, Dong-gu, Daejeon. The area around Daejeon Station has been currently designated for commercial, semi-industrial, and some buffer green areas. Some locations including the square in front of Daejeon Station are included in Zone 2 of the Daejeon Station Area Redevelopment Promotion Zone. The Redevelopment Promotion District around Daejeon Station Area was planned to enhance urban competitiveness by creating conditions for urban development and improving infrastructure to introduce commercial and business functions and encourage private development. In addition, by promoting development projects in this district in the long term, it is expected that a space structure as a city centre can be established, the urban areas are revitalised and regional development will be balanced.

Not only through the basic environmental maintenance and improvement of the target, but also through the establishment of a vision for the future of urban regeneration and creating an amenity space, this workshop aims to derive new possibilities for the community through the promotion of local self-purification and the restoration of economic, social and cultural vitality.

Year: 2021

Type: International Workshop

Host: KDAA Korea-Deutschland Architektur Assoziation

Place: Department of Architecture at Hannam University, Korea



Academic Journal

The Netherlands is a human-made country and an extremely well-designed European country as well. The general Dutch spatial planning for the city and environment takes place at a regional level.


The main theme of the Architectural Design Studio 8 covers the 1.1 km-long central roads connecting Daejeon Main Station to the old Chungcheongnam-do Provincial Office.



Academic Publication

This paper explores how factors of flood resistance and resilience are addressed within the development of an area in Ricklingen, Hannover.