Wegscheid in Linz, Austria, is an area where urban regeneration is progressed gradually through regional-based identity. Thus, the creation of a high-quality residential complex with various open spaces is an opportunity to integrate residents and green areas organically in the city. In the same vein, the goal of this project is to form a new meaningful urban area by the establishment of a residential complex in harmony with the surrounding areas. This can be structured in the form of existing blocks and embodied based on the tilted axis of the residential complex on the west side of the target site and the symbolism of some high-rise areas.

The west side of the target site is formed by a clear structure that defines public spaces at the regional level. As the placement of small mass, the plaza and green alleys in the residential complex are created naturally, accordingly, the spaces where residents and visitors can stay and communicate are given placeness. Buildings and terraces of diverse heights are flexibly connected to the surrounding urban areas. The entrance to the underground parking lot of the residential complex is accessible directly from the road nearby, and the inner landscape area of the complex is utilized as a pedestrian-oriented environment. Especially, this open space serves as a common garden for the community of residents, which has a positive effect on habitability.

Year: 2021

Type: Planning Magazine

Publisher: CAPress I Concept No.270

Project: International Competition for Linz Wegscheid Masterplan

Client: LAWOG, Austria

Team: BAEK Architekten


The newly constructed mixed-use housing facility aims to form an urban structure by harmonising with the surround-ings of the target site.


The current suburban development along Esslinger street and Heidenheimer street will not be deprived of its unique location in the course of the design.



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The Masterplan Beckersberg is a plan to redefine experience and place of the regional community and many events.